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U say it boring??

December 20, 2008

Rab ne Banadi jodi:

As per Times news paper it was rated “**” the day it was released.But on the coming friday i.e after a week again it was corrected to “***1/2”.
Hm.. Critics are the people who are eagerly waiting to kill the pain staking effort of any movie.A few months back the movie “Jaane tu Ya Jaane na” was rated the same “**”.But it was the one of the most liked movie in the year 2008.

Suri babbe was the character that attracted many people to the houseful theaters.I personally experienced it .I was in Blore and I did not get a ticket for the movie even for the evening shows of the day in many local theaters.

Even after this the mates of ours came up with saying its not good.Even the RJ of RADIO ONE was promoting the movie in a neagative manner.Many people claimed that the movie was felt good by those who are in love(don’t know to wat percentage it is right).But the users at IMDB rated it 7.1/10 which is a fair rating that recommends the people to watch.
It made a gross income of $911,771 (USA) in the first week in 83 screens across the world.

The best thing about the movie is that it touchs u completely.It is the one makes you to love your partner even more.In the movie theaters initially people are made the laugh later dance and the climax is the situation the theater experiences a pin drop silence.
Its true SRK is King!!

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