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‘Obama says Change’

April 7, 2009

Obama Means Change

The word “CHANGE” now has a new synonym “OBAMA”. Barack Hussain Obama’s rise to the head of the world’s most powerful throne marks a new dimension in the world’s history.

Going back to some years back, America was recognized as the nation of “whites”. They were the power holders in almost every important and essential field. There was racial discrimination to huge level, which still exist to some extent. The “blacks” who lived in the United States of America were treated as the lower class and were the decision-takers, not decision-makers. The difference existed in the thinking of the Americans, which considered themselves superior and the real natives of their state. So, it was almost not possible to treat equally, the blacks and whites, as any cannot curb the people’s thinking.

But now the time has changed. It has become powerful enough to witness the change in people’s thinking. Now, many Americans (if not all) are ready to accept the truth for the better. They have understood the fact that progress lies in intelligence and not in hippocracy. Definitely, it starts a new era of change which brings hope, equality and happiness.

The oath ceremony of Mr. President (Barrack Obama) was attended by millions of people, who gathered to become eye-witness of America’s first turning point event for which they have hoped for years. Some watched live, while others of different countries were glued to their television sets. This was the largest gathering ever, to attend any US President Oath ceremony. Also around a whooping amount of 750 crores (Rs.) were spent on the occasion. These facts just emphasize the importance of the event for the people all around the globe.

Obama in his first presidential speech stated that he became the president of that land where some years back his father was refused to be served. This points to change. People disappointed with the previous administration, voted with the hope of better policies for their welfare and also for the global audience. America’s policies on Iraq, CIA’s special cell of those captured in Iraq and its inhuman torture to them were just some of the acts which met with great opposition, not only from the other countries but from the American’s too. So, people wanted a new dimension to walk on and with Obama’s entry with solutions to them, he definitely promised change.

To the world of terrorism, Obama so far has spoken harsh tongue. He has put his views forward in a crystal clear manner and being diplomatic, a trait rarely found in politicians. In his first presidential speech, he called “Afghanistan and Pakistan” the main concern of the world, as far terrorism is concerned. The gradually increasing influence of the Taliban is on Pakistan territories pose a threat not only to Pakistan but to the whole world. He pointed directly to the extremists and warned them, stating that ultimately the good will prevail and they will have to taste the defeat. One of the main “dart” on the previous Bush administration was the way by which they handled the whole Iraq dilemma. There was great resentment among the people who declared it as an oppressive step. Obama has vowed to establish a stable government at Iraq and to destabilize the troops from there gradually. With this act, a large amount of funds will also be saved as the maintenance and prevalence of the troops in Iraq require a huge budget. So, in these phase (terrorism) also, Obama has come out with some convincing solutions.

Sometimes small acts do represent a man’s wisdom. Obama in his inaugural presidential speech called America the land of Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and non-believers. This was the first time for any American president to take account of the non-believers, which are in fact in much larger number than the Hindus, Jews and Muslims. So, he definitely aimed at uniting all the people.

Obama has stepped up to the world’s most powerful office but ahead lies the test of wisdom, intelligence and ability. Time will only tell the extent to which he will succeed, but at least for now, he has lighted hope in people’s heart that they definitely will see a better “changed” world in future.

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