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A walking High Chair

April 9, 2009

by Misty Mason

This story I am about to tell you is happening right now and has been for the last couple days. It is February 26, 2009 and my husband, my cousin, my aunt, my cousins two babies and I are living in Roseburg, Oregon. Yesterday around eight or nine in the morning, for no reason, the plants that were hanging on a hook just fell on the floor. So we thought, okay, that happens, no big deal, so we let it go. Maybe 30 minutes later, the shelf that was in the front room that had books on it just fell over, and no one was over there. We cleaned up the mess and put it back over.[ad#ad-1]

Thirty minutes later, the shelf fell again and almost hit my cousin’s little baby with the shelf itself and the books that flew off. We cleaned it up and put the books into a box and moved the shelf into the garage. Then I was sitting here at the kitchen table and there is a table with a plant and some other objects on it. My cousin came over to see what I was doing on the computer, and about that time the table that was by the table I was sitting in just fell over with force and the plant flew and almost hit me in the elbow. My cousin at the same time yelled, “Watch out!”[ad#ad-2hb]

The next day, the babies’ play pen was in the corner of the living room and just tipped over by itself. Later on, my cousin’s baby was in the play pen and it fell over with her in it. No one was even near it. Later tonight, my cousin’s baby was sitting on the floor playing with her toys and the high chair was there sitting in the kitchen and she was a few feet and — as God as my witness — the high chair legs started moving by themselves and was moving itself toward my cousin’s baby! We quickly moved her.

We heard about a man who used to live here and he died here. This was the month he died. I do not know what to think, but I wish someone out there had an answer.[ad#ad-link]

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