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Ug99 , deadly fungus

April 10, 2009

Ug99 is deadly fungus ,first appeared in Uganda in1999 and hence the name Ug99 is assigned to it . This fungus is air borne . This is a modified form of root rust , for which the the scientist were able to find an answer through biotechnology . they developed fungus resistant form of wheat crops . this lead to the green revolution .

But now the newly appeared fungus is highly resistant to all type of insecticides . this is capable of destroying a wheat crop within few hour of attack . Uganda has reported a major drought since early 21st century . This has lead to major food scarcity and inflation in food prices .

The fungus being air borne , it is carried to other part of the globe . Egypt reported it few years back . now even isreal is experiencing the the problem .soon it will be reaching the indian subcontinent .And the entire world in a decades time or so . Are we prepared to face the evil ?

Wheat the second highly consumer product in the world after rice , if the scientist are not able to find a solution to ug99 the world will experience the major drought  alongside the present economic down turn .

The evil is on its way , lets get prepared . let stop it before it leaves the half of the world population hungry and dying

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