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Why is China Mobile banned?

April 10, 2009

The Intelligence beaurou of India issued a notice to ban all the China made mobile . The ban was imposed after finding the fact that the mobiles were used y the terrorist , as they were not easily traceable . This news resulted in a wide spread criticism of all china based products . China is the biggest mobile phone market on earth . The ban in India is going the affect its position . We are Awaiting what step will the PRC is goin to take on this issue .

The china mobile cannot be used after april 2009 according to the notice .the reasons behind the bans are as follows:

1>It doesn’t have an IP address

2>china mobile used by the terrorist

3>does not have proper international mobile equipment identity number

4>It will be difficult to trace the phones without imei numbe

5>do not pose any warranty or guarantee.

6>high radiation

Considering the above fact , the notice issued y the IB seems to be valid enough . but there is another side of the story too . It might be possible that the all the major cellular services in India hav set a conspiracy against the china mobile . China mobiles have lot of advantages over the others . It has all the latest feature and it very cheap. easily affordale by a common man . This has lead to its popularity and the other companies were losing market in India , a land of billion people , a mamoth market which no one would like to leave so easily . Its is thus a rumour that this might be a cunning deal between Indian gov and the other cellular behemoths .

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  1. admin permalink
    April 10, 2009 3:10 pm

    If that is the case.. what about the people who had bought the mobile few days/month back.. WHat abt the people from the poor background who has bought those mobiles…??
    Does govt have solution for them…

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