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The best hotel

April 11, 2009

The best hotel i call it so because people dont come here just for accomodation , but to see the this hotel . So what is so special about this hotel that make them travel thousands of miles to just to have a glimpse of it . Well unlike all the other hotels which are made up of bricks rocks and concrete this hotel is made up of pure , crystal clear solid ICE of the arctic region . One might hav seen a scupture carved out of a ice cube ,But here hotel has been carved out from the earth so as to accomodate people . Isn’t it a mistic thing ?

The hotel is nomenclatured ‘ICE HOTEL’ reason, well explaind . So where is this Architectural achievement of man ? The ICE HOTEL is situated in in , jukkasjery Sweden near the north pole . the most astonishing fearure of this hotel is that its a temperory hotel . It melts every summer. Every winter the hotel is built again . It has become a tredition for the people of sweden to make sure evry here the hotel is built despite any difficulties.

Sweden is situated at the the arctic circle . It experience long winter and a short span of summer . which favors the ice hotel . the ice is extracted from the river torne . River torne is one of the purest water in the world .Approximately around 500 tons of ice is used in making the hotel .

the hotel has good aesthetics too . Many ice artist are hired aronud the world the convert the ice hotel in to wonder of the world . the most attracting feature is the pendent that hang from the center of the main lobby, and the newly built ice church

The the issue of global warming is posing a big threat to the ice hotel construction . well lets hope this marvel continues to exist .

ice cubes from torne river

ice cubes from torne river

The sculptures inside the ice hotel

The sculptures inside the ice hotel

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